Quiz 138

UK Music Quiz

Quiz 138 – Round 2 – Music

UK Music Quiz – In which UK cities were the following bands formed?

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1. Black Sabbath


2. The Hollies


3. Massive Attack


4. Supergrass


5. Kasabian


6. The Specials


7. The Beatles


8. Architects


9. The Clash


10. Arctic Monkeys



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History Trivia

Quiz 138 – Round 3 – History

History Trivia

1. Which King of England, born in 1452, was the son of Richard, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville?

Richard III

2. Which Russian word, literally meaning ‘publicity’ or ‘openness’, was made popular by Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s when it became the name of the Soviet policy of open discussion of political and social issues?


3. In which war did the battle of Tel-el-Kebir take place?

Anglo-Egyptian War (1882)

4. Who was assassinated by Nathuram Godse on the 30th January 1948?

Mahatma Gandhi

5. How many children did Queen Victoria have?

9 (Victoria (Princess Royal), Edward VII, Alice, Alfred (Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha), Helena, Louise, Arthur (Duke of Connaught and Strathearn), Leopold (Duke of Albany) and Beatrice)

6. Robert Walpole, William Pitt the Elder and George Grenville were all leaders of which political party?


7. Which Scottish King died at the Battle of Flodden in 1513?

James IV of Scotland

8. Who was married both to Louis VII of France and to Henry II of England and was therefore Queen consort of both countries?

Eleanor of Aquitaine

9. Which Conservative Home Secretary, who later became Prime Minister, is responsible for introduction of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829?

Sir Robert Peel

10. Malcolm Fraser, Sir Robert Menzies and Joseph Lyons were all 20th century Prime Ministers of which country?



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TV Characters

Quiz 138 – Round 4 – TV Characters

TV characters quiz – What was the name of the character played by the following actors in the UK TV series listed?

1. Rosie Marcel in ‘Holby City’

Jac Naylor

2. Jimmy Nail in ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’

Oz Osborne

3. Kris Marshall in ‘Death in Paradise’

DI Humphrey Goodman

4. John Nettles in ‘Midsummer Murders’

DCI Tom Barnaby

5. Ian McKellan in ‘Vicious’

Freddie Thornhill

6. Simon Bird in ‘The Inbetweeners’

Will McKenzie

7. Leticia Dean in ‘EastEnders’

Sharon Watts/Mitchell/Rickman

8. Todd Carty in ‘Grange Hill’

Peter ‘Tucker’ Jenkins

9. Gwyneth Strong in ‘Only Fools and Horses’

Cassandra Trotter/Parry

10. Lorraine Chase in ‘Worzel Gummidge’

Dolly Clothes-Peg


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Food and Drink Trivia Quiz

Quiz 138 – Round 5 – Food and Drink

Food and Drink trivia quiz – ten questions and answers on the topic of food and drink.

1. Bagna càuda is a dish of garlic, anchovies, olive oil and butter which originates from which country?


2. At what age may you legally purchase alcohol in France?

18 (was 16 for wine and beer until 2009 but now 18 for all alcohol)

3. From which country does Gouda cheese originate?


4. What are the full names of TV’s two ‘Hairy Bikers’? (or Hairy Dieters!)

Simon ‘Si’ King and Dave Myers

5. From which country did Merlot wine first originate?


6. ‘The Botanist’, ‘Monkey 47’ and ‘Opihr’ are all brands of which spirit?


7. What is the national dish of Jamaica?

Ackee and Saltfish

8. ‘Warwickshire Drooper’, ‘Mirabelle’ and ‘Belle de Louvain’ are all varieties of which fruit?


9. Which type of pastry is used in a Cornish Pasty?


10. What do Americans call fresh coriander?

Cilantro (sometimes also known as Chinese parsley or Mexican parsley)


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Flag Carriers

Quiz 138 – Round 6 – Flag Carriers

Flag Carriers Quiz – Can your contestants name the national airlines of the following countries? To print out the questions and answers alongside each other, please scroll down to the green ‘Print Friendly’ icon at the bottom of the page.

1. Greece

Aegean Airlines

2. Romania


3. China

Air China

4. Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Scandinavian Airlines

5. Estonia


6. Italy


7. Malta

Air Malta

8. United Arab Emirates (Two Flag Carriers)

Emirates and Etihad Airways

9. Israel

El Al

10. Iceland



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Quiz 138 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who are the two people to have hosted the BBC quiz show ‘Eggheads’?

Jeremy Vine and Dermot Murnaghan

2. What is the national currency of Romania?

Romanian Leu

3. According to the proverb, “A heavy purse gives to a …” what?

Light heart

4. How many sides has a tetradecagon?

14 (Many people may think it is 13, which is a tridecagon)

5. A United States President may be elected for a maximum of how many terms?


6. Which 1984 pop song starts with the lyrics “I made it through the wilderness”?

Like a Virgin – Madonna

7. In which year was the first cloned mammal ‘Dolly the Sheep’ born?


8. Which is the first sign of the zodiac alphabetically?


9. Who was the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion of 2017?

Garbiñe Muguruza

10. The names of how many US states begin with the letter ‘I’?

Four (Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa)