Quiz 138 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who are the two people to have hosted the BBC quiz show ‘Eggheads’?

Jeremy Vine and Dermot Murnaghan

2. What is the national currency of Romania?

Romanian Leu

3. According to the proverb, “A heavy purse gives to a …” what?

Light heart

4. How many sides has a tetradecagon?

14 (Many people may think it is 13, which is a tridecagon)

5. A United States President may be elected for a maximum of how many terms?


6. Which 1984 pop song starts with the lyrics “I made it through the wilderness”?

Like a Virgin – Madonna

7. In which year was the first cloned mammal ‘Dolly the Sheep’ born?


8. Which is the first sign of the zodiac alphabetically?


9. Who was the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion of 2017?

Garbiñe Muguruza

10. The names of how many US states begin with the letter ‘I’?

Four (Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa)





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