Quiz 135

Celebrity Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 135 – Round 2 – Celebrities

Celebrity Pub Quiz Questions

In which country were these celebrities born? Some may not be as obvious as you would think…

1. Emma Watson

France (Paris)

2. Russell Crowe

New Zealand (Wellington)

3. Bruce Willis

Germany (Idar-Oberstein, West Germany)

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Austria (Thal)

5. Freddie Mercury

Zanzibar (now Tanzania)

6. Audrey Hepburn

Belgium (Ixelles, Brussels)

7. Celine Dion

Canada (Charlemagne, Quebec)

8. Eddie Izzard

Colony of Aden (now Yemen)

9. Gillian Anderson

USA (Chicago)

10. Rihanna

Barbados (Saint Michael)


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Music pub quiz questions and answers

Quiz 135 – Round 3 – Music

Music Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Who had a number 11 hit in the UK in 1985 with “Lipstick, Powder and Paint”?

Shakin’ Stevens

2. What are the first names of the Fairbrass brothers known as ‘Right Said Fred’?

Fred and Richard

3. What was the title of Madonna’s debut album?


4. Which of Ed Sheeran’s singles was the first to reach the number one spot in the UK?


5. In which month does the “Last Night of the Proms” take place?

September (Usually the second Saturday)

6. In which US state was Elvis Presley born?

Mississippi (He relocated to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13 years old)

7. A string quartet consists of four musicians, but which instruments do they traditionally play?

Two violins, a viola and a cello

8. Who was the lead singer of 60s rock band ‘The Troggs’?

Reg Presley

9. Which band had a 1994 number one single with a cover version of a Troggs song after it was made famous in the film ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ and what was that song called?

Wet Wet Wet – Love is All Around

10. Who recorded the theme music to the 2015 James Bond film ‘Spectre’?

Sam Smith (Writing’s on the Wall)


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African Capitals Quiz

Quiz 135 – Round 4 – The World

African Capitals Quiz

Below are ten capital cities within Africa. Quite simply, can you tell us which country they are capital of?

1. Luanda


2. Addis Ababa


3. Nairobi


4. Lomé


5. Kampala


6. Freetown

Sierra Leone

7. Kigali


8. Cairo


9. Bamako


10. Nouakchott



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Technology Quiz Questions

Quiz 135 – Round 5 – Technology

Technology Quiz Questions

1. What does the acronym BIOS stand for?

Basic Input/Output System

2. What is the name for a network that allows communication within an organisation?


3. Which was the first product to be produced by Apple that had a name beginning with their trademark small letter ‘i’?

iMac (specifically ‘iMac G3’ launched in 1998)

4. BINAC was an early electronic computer, launched in 1949. What did BINAC stand for?

Binary Automatic Computer

5. If a URL ends with .mx, in which country would you expect it to be based?


6. How is Sonic the Hedgehog’s fox friend ‘Miles Prower’ better known?


7. In which decade was the Hubble Telescope launched?

1990s (1990 exactly)

8. Which science-fiction author wrote about the Three Laws of Robotics?

Isaac Asimov

9. Which project was the first human spaceflight programme by the USA?

Project Mercury

10. Which method of radio broadcasting uses frequencies between 87.5 and 108 MHz?



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Writers Quiz

Quiz 135 – Round 6 – Art and Literature

Writers quiz – These ten writers are known by the initials of their Christian names plus their surname. Can you recognise them from their first names only?

1. Edward Morgan


2. Thomas Stearns


3. Pelham Grenville


4. Lucy Maud


5. John Ronald Reuel


6. Gilbert Keith


7. James Graham


8. Herbert George


9. Herbert Ernest


10. Edward Estlin



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Quiz 135 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who is King of Sicily in Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’?


2. A cube has how many edges?


3. Name all three yellow properties in the original UK version of Monopoly.

Leicester Square, Coventry Street and Piccadilly

4. Which English singer who turned 100 in March 2017 earned herself the nickname ‘The Forces’ Sweetheart’?

Vera Lynn

5. Who was the Queen’s first great-grandchild?

Savannah Phillips

6. Which colour was Roger Hargreaves’ character ‘Mr Tickle’?


7. How many times has Donald Trump been married?

Three (Ivana, Marla and Melania)

8. The ‘Durand Line’ is a border between which two countries?

Pakistan and Afghanistan

9. Who founded the ‘Gtech’ company in 2001 and is often to be seen advertising his products on TV?

Nick Grey

10. Which American singer has recorded albums entitled ‘Glory’, ‘Femme Fatale’ and ‘Blackout’?

Britney Spears