Quiz 133

TV Characters Quiz

Quiz 133 – Round 2 – TV and Film

TV Characters quiz – Below is a list of TV programmes, the names of which describe the group of people who star in it. Can you tell us all of the first names of the main group of characters? We have given how many names we are looking for in brackets.

1. Friends (6)

Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe

2. The Golden Girls (4)

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia

3. The Likely Lads (2)

Terry and Bob

4. The IT Crowd (3)

Maurice, Roy and Jen

5. The Young Ones (4)

Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike

6. Birds of a Feather (3)

Sharon, Tracey and Dorien

7. Dinnerladies (5 – Dinnerladies only)

Bren, Dolly, Jean, Twinkle and Anita

8. Men Behaving Badly (2)

Gary and Tony (Dermot was Gary’s original flatmate in the first series, so accept also Gary and Dermot)

9. The Simpsons (5)

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie

10. Two and a Half Men (3)

Charlie, Alan and Jake (Later series had a different cast – accept also ‘Walden, Alan and Jake’)


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Science Quiz

Quiz 133 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. Bakelite, the world’s first fully synthetic plastic, was patented in which decade?

1900s (Patent was filed in 1907 and granted in 1909)

2. What is the name of the order of insects that includes butterflies and moths?


3. How many discs are there in a human spine: 13, 23 or 33?


4. Which planet in our solar system has the most moons?

Jupiter (69 confirmed moons as of 2017)

5. What is the chemical symbol for the element mercury?


6. The adjective ‘hircine’ refers to which animal?


7. ‘Saki’ and ‘Patas’ are types of which animal?


8. Which two-word term is often used as a name for a biogas produced in wetland areas which consists predominantly of methane?

Marsh gas (‘Swamp gas’ or ‘bog gas’ equally acceptable)

9. If you suffered from ophidiophobia which animal would you be afraid of?


10. What is the standard unit of electrical resistance?





Backing Bands Quiz

Quiz 133 – Round 4 – Music

Backing bands quiz – Can you name the backing bands who performed with these artists?

1. Martha Reeves and the…


2. Gladys Knight and the…


3. Huey Lewis and the…


4. KC and the…

Sunshine Band

5. Siouxsie and the…


6. Katrina and the…


7. Tom Petty and the…


8. Gloria Estefan and the…

Miami Sound Machine

9. Nick Cave and the…

Bad Seeds

10. Bruce Hornsby and the…



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History Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 133 – Round 5 – History

1. Boudicca was queen of which historic tribe of eastern Britain?

Iceni (or Eceni)

2. D-Day and the Normandy landings took place on which date?

June 6th 1944

3. Which war was ended by the Treaty of Paris in 1783?

American revolutionary War

4. In which year did the United Nations officially come into existence?


5. Who succeeded Charles II as King of England after his death in 1685?

James II (of England and VII of Scotland)

6. What was the first name of the doctor who invented the Heimlich manoeuvre?


7. Who was the first British monarch to visit India?

George V (1911)

8. In which century did Joan of Arc live?

15th Century (Lived from 1412 until 1431)

9. Which battle was the final confrontation in the Jacobite rising of 1745?

Battle of Culloden

10. Aquae Sulis was the Roman name for which English city?





UK Motorway Service Stations Quiz

Quiz 133 – Round 6 – UK Geography

UK motorway service stations quiz – On which UK motorway are the following services?

1. Beaconsfield Services


2. Watford Gap Services


3. Thurrock Services


4. Membury Services


5. Medway Services


6. Killington Lake services


7. Hartshead Moor Services


8. Gordano Services


9. Chester Services


10. Bothwell services



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Quiz 133 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which member of the original line-up of the Rolling Stones was born first?

Bill Wyman (1936)

2. Which country won the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euro?


3. Who created the cartoon cat Garfield?

Jim Davis

4. How many furlongs are there in a mile?


5. In which year was the National Curriculum introduced into state schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?


6. How many people have held the post of Prime Minister of the UK since Margaret Thatcher?

Five (John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May)

7. In which continent is the coldest place on Earth?

Antarctica (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25287806)

8. Which English town has previously been named ‘Duroliponte’ and ‘Cantabrigia’?


9. On what date do the French celebrate Bastille Day?

14th July

10. Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?

Malcolm Turnbull