European Flags Quiz

Quiz 133 – Round 1 – Picture Round

European Flags Quiz – Pub quiz picture round with ten European flags. Can your contestants identify them?

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1. Sweden

By Jon Harald Søby and others. – This flag is regulated by Swedish Law, Act 1970:498, which states that “in commercial activities, the coats of arms, the flag or other official insignia of Sweden may not be used in a trademark or other insignia for products or services without proper authorization. This includes any mark or text referring to the Swedish government which thus can give the commercial mark a sign of official endorsement. This includes municipal coats of arms which are registered.”, Public Domain,

2. Ukraine

By Government of Ukraine – ДСТУ 4512:2006 — Державний прапор України. Загальні технічні умови, Public Domain,

3. Belgium

By Dbenbenn and others – Van den Bussche, E., Chief of Protocol, Belgian Federal Department of the Interior (2008) Noble Belgique, ô Mère chérie – LE PROTOCOLE EN BELGIQUE (PROTOCOL IN BELGIUM), Heule: Editions UGA ISBN: 9789067689359.iThe source code of this SVG is valid., Public Domain,

4. Cyprus

By User:Vzb83 – Own work, Public Domain,

5. Iceland

By Árni Dagur, and Magasjukur2 – Proportions: Forsetisráðuneyti Íslands Colours: Alþingi, Public Domain,

6. Portugal

By Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro (1910; generic design); Vítor Luís Rodrigues; António Martins-Tuválkin (2004; this specific vector set: see sources) –, Public Domain,

7. Slovakia

By SKopp – Own work; here, colors, Public Domain,

8. Germany

Public Domain,

9. Albania

Public Domain,

10. Bulgaria

By SKopp – The flag of Bulgaria. The colors are specified at as:White: Pantone SafeGreen: 17-5936 (Green TC) [textile color] [1]Red: 18-1664 (Fiery Red TC) [2], Public Domain,




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