Science and Nature Quiz

Quiz 131 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. In Einstein’s theory of relativity, E = mc2, what does the ‘E’ represent?


2. Which term is given to a baby koala?

Joey (All infant marsupials have the same term)

3. An ECG is a test for the heart – what does it stand for?


4. Of what is nephrology the study?

The kidneys (physiology and diseases of)

5. In which year did Cornwall’s Eden Project open to the public?


6. How many months is the average gestation period of an elephant?

22 months

7. What type of animal was Albert II, the first mammal launched into space?

Rhesus monkey

8. From which part of a cow is brisket taken?

Just below the shoulder/along the chest/breast

9. ‘V’ is the symbol for which chemical element?


10. Achalasia is a disorder which prevents the human body from doing what?

Swallowing (Disorder of the oesophagus whereby it cannot move food along)





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