Celebrity Weddings Quiz

Quiz 130 – Round 4 – Celebrities

Celebrity Weddings quiz questions and answers. Who married all of the following people? In the case of wives known under their married name we have given their maiden name, regardless of whether they had been married previously.

1. Peter Allen, Jack Haley Jr., Mark Gero and David Gest

Liza Minelli

2. Nancy Barbato, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow and Barbara Blakely

Frank Sinatra

3. Freddie Moore, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore

4. Janet Leigh, Christine Kaufmann, Leslie Allen, Andrea Savio, Lisa Deutsch and Jill Vandenberg

Tony Curtis

5. Jim Threapleton, Sam Mendes and Ned Rocknroll

Kate Winslet

6. Ivana Zelníčková, Marla Maples and Melania Knauss

Donald Trump

7. Brian McFadden, Mark Croft and George Kay

Kerry Katona

8. Gloria Rand, Marcy Lafferty, Nerine Kidd and Elizabeth Martin

William Shatner

9. David Justice, Eric Benét and Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry

10. Conrad Hilton Jr., Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, John Warner and Larry Fortensky

Elizabeth Taylor


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