Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 13 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. Which chemical element has the lowest melting point?

Helium (-272°C or -457°F)

2. Riboflavin is known as which number vitamin?


3. Who invented the electric, pop-up toaster?

Charles Strite

4. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol Cd?


5. Which organ is affected by cirrhosis?


6. What was the name of the first test-tube baby?

Louise Brown

7. What is the common name of the inflammatory condition of prepatellar bursitis?

Housemaid’s knee

8. Which is the only orchid plant that produces edible fruit?

Vanilla orchid (which is where vanilla pods come from)

9.  What makes up almost all of a giant panda’s  diet (around 99%)?


10. In caves, which protrudes downwards from the ceiling, stalagmites or stalactites?






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