Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 13 – Round 4 – Food and Drink

1. How many pints are there in a firkin?


2. Grenadine is made from which fruit?


3. What does A.B.V. stand for on a bottle of alcohol?

Alcohol By Volume

4. Which liqueur comes in a bottle split into two; one side containing a white chocolate liqueur and the other a dark, coffee-flavoured liqueur?


5. Which juice drink takes its name from the Maori phrase meaning ‘be healthy’?


6. Which country in the world drinks the most wine?

Italy (54 litres per person per year)

7. What is the Greek drink of Ouzo flavoured with?


8. ‘The Champagne of Beers’ is a slogan belonging to which beer company?

Miller (Miller High Life)

9. Which brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink?


10.How many standard wine bottles are the equivalent of a Melchior?



To download the drinks quiz as a PDF contestant question paper please click on the link below:





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