Food and Drink

Quiz 125 – Round 5 – Food and Drink

1. For what purpose is the ‘spurtle’, a Scottish kitchen tool, used?

Stirring (A wooden rod used to stir porridge, stews etc.)

2. The Japanese wine sake is produced from which substance?


3. Dolmades is a Greek dish wrapped in what?

Vine leaves

4. ‘Purple Dragon’, ‘White Satin’ and ‘Bolero’ are varieties of which popular vegetable?


5. Which two main ingredients would you find in the Indian dish ‘Saag Aloo’?

Spinach and potatoes (Saag=spinach, aloo=potato)

6. Which beverage has been advertised with the slogan “It gives you wings”?

Red Bull

7. From which country does Efes beer originate?


8. What, in culinary terms, is a ‘parson’s nose’?

The fleshy protrusion at the rear end of a bird (

9. ‘Cornish Yarg’ cheese is wrapped in what before being left to mature?

Nettle leaves

10. Caviar is obtained from which fish?

Sturgeon (Proper caviar should only come from sturgeon)





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