Geography Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 125 – Round 3 – Geography

1. Which country is the smallest in Asia by area?

Republic of Maldives

2. Which UK motorway runs from the North Circular road in South Woodford to the A14 Northwest of Cambridge?


3. Roskilde was the capital of which European country until 1443?

Denmark (Before the capital became Copenhagen)

4. In which ocean does the island nation of Mauritius lie?

Indian Ocean

5. Which was the 50th and last to join the United States of America and did so on August 21st 1959?


6. The North Star (also known as the Pole Star or Polaris) is part of which constellation?

Ursa Minor/Little Bear/Little Dipper

7. According to Guinness World Records, in which country would you find the world’s oldest existing and continually operating university?

Morocco (

8. Of which country is Baku the capital?


9. Which African country’s flag has vertical stripes of green, gold and red and sometimes has a stick human figure with its arms raised in the middle?


10. Which railway station is the largest in the world by number of platforms?

Grand Central Terminal, New York City




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