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Quiz 124 – Round 3 – Science Quiz

Science quiz questions

1. The olecranon can be found in which human limb?

The arm (The bony tip of the elbow)

2. How is a ‘myocardial infarction’ more commonly known?

Heart attack

3. Which is the second largest planet in our solar system?

Saturn (Jupiter is largest)

4. What is the chemical formula for table salt?

NaCl (Sodium chloride)

5. Which has more bones; a human hand or a human foot?

Hand (Had 27 bones, a foot has 26)

6. A leveret is the young of which animal?


7. How many chambers are there in a human heart?


8. The UK electricity supply is 230 volts (no longer 240 volts), what is the standard in North America?

120 volts

9. What is a shaduf?

An irrigation tool, used to lift water

10. The ‘Pascal’ is a unit measurement of what?

Pressure (SI derived unit of pressure, defined as one Newton per square metre)


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