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Quiz 123 – Round 5 – History

1. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton was built as a seaside palace for which king?

King George IV

2. Britain joined the EEC on the 1st January in which year?


3. Canaan Banana was the first ever president of which country?

Zimbabwe (1980-1987)

4. In which battle was Richard III killed?

Battle of Bosworth Field

5. How many kings of England have been named Edmund?


6. What was the name of the Baker in whose bakery the Great Fire of London is said to have started?

Thomas Farriner (or Farynor)

7. Why did 83-year-old Spanish pensioner Cecilia Giménez hit the headlines in 2012?

She decided to ‘restore’ the ‘Ecce Homo’ fresco of Jesus in a church near Zaragoza – see before and after pictures here.

8. How many popes have been named Pius?


9. In which century was the Statue of Liberty dedicated to the United States as a gift from France?

19th Century/1800s (1886)

10. Who or what, according to legend, is the ‘Flying Dutchman’?

A ghost ship/the captain of this ship (some stories say it is the name of the ship, others say it is a name for the captain)





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