Geography Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 122 – Round 3 – Geography

Geography Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Of which African country is Bamako the capital?


2. How many federal states (Bundesländer) form the country of Germany?


3. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the king of which country?

Saudi Arabi

4. Which is the most southerly city in the UK?


5. You would not find the ‘Spanish Steps’ in Spain – In which city would you find them?


6. The New Shekel is the currency of which country?


7. How many member states will exist in the European Union after the UK leaves?


8. Which is the longest river in Europe?


9. Which is the largest continent on Earth in terms of both land mass and population?


10. What is the name of the circle of latitude that lies approximately 23 degrees south of the equator?

Tropic of Capricorn


To download our Geography pub quiz questions as a contestant question paper, with questions only plus spaces for contestant answers, please click on the link below:





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