Sports Quiz

Quiz 121 – Round 5 – Sport

1. Who has been the longest-serving England national football team manager to date?

Walter Winterbottom (1946-1962)

2. In which sport was Wilton Norman ‘Wilt’ Chamberlain a famous name?


3. Which three individual sports are combined to make an Olympic triathlon?

Swimming, cycling and running

4. How many concentric circles form an archery target?

5 (White, black, blue, red and yellow, from outer to inner)

5. Which nationality is the Formula One racing driver Sebastian Vettel?


6. Who was the first woman ever to win an Olympic boxing title?

Nicola Adams (2012 Olympic Games)

7. In which decade was football’s ‘European Cup’ rebranded to become the ‘UEFA Champions League’?

1990s (1992)

8. Which golfer holds the record for most match wins overall at the Ryder Cup?

Nick Faldo (23)

9. The ‘perfect’ 501 game can be completed with how many darts?

9 (See this link for options if specifics are required)

10. How long is a standard field hockey pitch?

100 yards/91.4 metres




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