science and nature pub quiz

Quiz 121 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. What type of creature is a kakapo?

A flightless, ground-dwelling parrot (accept bird)

2. ‘Toggenburg’ and ‘Pygora’ are breeds of which farm animal?


3. Which word is used as the noun for a female alligator?


4. Of what is ‘silvics’ the study?

Trees and their environment

5. What is chemical formula for sulphur dioxide?


6. Which English mathematician, philosopher and inventor designed the ‘Difference Engine’, which is generally considered to be the first mechanical computer?

Charles Babbage

7. ‘Gossamer’ is a substance produced by which creatures?


8. Which NASA programme produced the first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars and complete its mission?

Viking (1)

9. ‘Epistaxis’ is the scientific name for which reasonable common bodily occurrence?


10. How many wings has a dragonfly?




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