Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 120 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What colour is Coventry Street on a UK Monopoly board?


2. ‘The Laughing Cavalier’ is a 1624 Baroque portrait by which Dutch painter?

Frans Hals

3.How many players are there on an American football team?


4. Which has the greater land mass, North Korea or South Korea?

North Korea (46,540 square miles – South Korea has 38,690 square miles)

5. Who was Chief Inspector George Gently’s sidekick?

John Bacchus

6. Where is Sir Isaac Newton buried?

Westminster Abbey

7. What is the capital of Lebanon?


8. Who became champion of celebrity winter sports programme ‘The Jump’ in March 2017?

Spencer Matthews

9. What is the official language of Andorra?


10. In which year was the first ever Academy Awards ceremony?





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