Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 12 – Round 6 – Food and Drink

1. What type of fish is used in the making of Worcestershire sauce?


2. Anjou, Comice and Bartlett are all types of which fruit?


3. Halloumi is a type of cheese originating from which island?


4.  Which Scottish dessert consists of whipped cream, whisky, honey, raspberries and oatmeal?


5. Which beer used the slogan ‘Probably the Best Lager in the World’?


6. When did the first McDonalds fast food restaurant open in the UK – 1974, 1978 or 1982?

1974, in Woolwich.

7. In which cocktail would you find white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar and soda?


8. From which city does Coleman’s mustard hail?


9. What spirit is made from scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices?


10. What is a young pilchard called (according to UK standards)?

A sardine





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