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Quiz 12 – Round 5 – TV and Film

1. What is the profession of Indiana Jones?


2. What was the name of the youngest child in ‘The Sound of Music’?


3. What is the name of the ‘Hotel Inspector’ in the Channel 5 series?

Alex Polizzi

4. Which cartoon character lived at 52 Festive Road?

Mr Benn

5. In ‘To The Manor Born’, what was the name of the manor?


6. Who played Sherlock Holmes in the 2012 BBC TV adaptation ‘Sherlock’?

Benedict Cumberbatch

7. Who was the host of ‘Question of Sport’ before Sue Barker?

David Coleman

8. In which US TV series would you find the characters Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel and Sue Sylvester?


9. In which film did Kathy Bates befriend Jessica Tandy in a nursing home and hear the tale of her life?

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

10. Which child actor saw ‘dead people’ in the Sixth Sense?

Haley Joel Osment





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