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Quiz 115 – Round 3 – History

1. Who succeeded George Washington as President of the United States?

John Adams

2. In which year was compilation of the Domesday Book completed?


3. Which monarch was on the English throne at the time of the Great Fire of London?

Charles II

4. In which century did the mass starvation in Ireland commonly referred to as the ‘potato famine’ lead to around a million deaths and mass emigration?

19th century (1845-1852)

5. The Battle of Little Bighorn took place during which war?

Great Sioux War of 1876/Black Hills War

6. In which country did the first human to human heart transplant take place in 1967?

South Africa (Cape Town)

7. Who was the last British monarch to have been born outside of the UK?

George II  (Born in Hanover)

8. What was the name of Lord Nelson’s flagship?

HMS Victory

9. How was New York known prior to 1664?

New Amsterdam

10. In which battle did King Richard III meet his end?

Battle of Bosworth Field





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