Quiz 114

Eighties Quiz

Quiz 114 – Round 2 – The Eighties

Eighties Quiz – Below are ten events from the 1980s, one from each year. But which event occurred in which year?

1. Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean won Gold at the Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games.


2. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral.


3. The first ever BBC ‘Red Nose Day’ raised over £15 million.


4. A huge fire destroyed parts of Alexandra Palace, London.


5. Clive Sinclair’s ‘Sinclair C5’ was both launched and ceased production after just seven months.


6. Prince William was born.


7. Terry Waite was taken hostage in Beirut whilst attempting to negotiate with the Islamic Jihad Organisation.


8. The Christmas Day episode of ‘EastEnders’ attracted record audiences as Den Watts served wife Angie with divorce papers.


9. The ‘Guildford 4’ were released from prison after their convictions were quashed by the High Court.


10. It became mandatory for drivers and front-seat passengers to wear a seatbelt in vehicles.



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Music quiz

Quiz 114 – Round 3 – Music

1. How many UK number one hits have been released by the Bee Gees?

5 (‘You Win Again’, ‘Tragedy’, ‘Night Fever’, ‘I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You’ and ‘Massachusetts’)

2. In which British rock band does Alex Turner play rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals?

Arctic Monkeys

3. What is the singer Sting’s real name?

Gordon Sumner

4. Which two male singers who are each famous in their own right have joined forces to release a 2016 album entitled ‘Together’?

Alfie Boe and Michael Ball

5. Which British singer-songwriter released 1970s albums entitled ‘Silverbird’, ‘Just A Boy’ and ‘Endless Flight’?

Leo Sayer

6. In an orchestra, which instrument is played by the ‘Concertmaster’?

Violin (Leader of the first violin section)

7. Julius Baker (1915-2003) was famous for playing which musical instrument?


8. Which hit song of 2016 contains the lyrics, “I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet”?

Can’t Stop the Feeling! – Justin Timberlake

9. How is the rock guitarist Saul Hudson better known?

Slash (Guns N’ Roses)

10. In which country was the cellist Jacqueline du Pré born?






Word Link Quiz

Quiz 114 – Round 4 – Word Links

Word Link Quiz – What is the link between each of the sets of three words given?

1. ‘Royal’, ‘Golden’ and ‘Square’

They can all precede the word ‘mile’

2. ‘Ball’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Charlton’

They are all surnames of famous people named Bobby

3. ‘Political’, ‘Surprise’ and ‘Dinner’

They are all types of party

4. ‘Atonement’, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Solar’

They are all titles of novels by Ian McEwan

5. ‘Drunk’, ‘Bag’ and ‘Up’

All words that can be preceded by ‘punch’

6. ‘Australia’, ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Malice’

They are all films starring Nicole Kidman

7. ‘Fathom’, ‘Cable’ and ‘Knot’

They are all forms of nautical measurement

8. ‘Kiss’, ‘Raspberry’ and ‘Fuse’

They are all things you can ‘blow’

9. ‘Lewis’, ‘Ward’ and ‘Burke’

They are all surnames of X Factor UK winners (Leona Lewis, Shane Ward and Alexandra Burke)

10. ‘Dog’, ‘Gear’ and ‘Banana’

Words that can be preceded by ‘top’


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Sport quiz questions

Quiz 114 – Round 5 – Sport

1. Which country won their first ever Davis Cup title in 2016?


2. Which Formula One racing driver announced his retirement in December 2016, five days after winning the World Championship title?

Nico Rosberg

3. How many people have held the post of England national football team manager during the course of 2016?

3 (Roy Hodgson, Sam Allardyce and Gareth Southgate)

4. At which racecourse is the St Leger Stakes run?


5. Since the system of full seeding was introduced in 1927 only two men have won the Wimbledon singles title whilst unseeded. Can you name either?

Boris Becker (1985) or Goran Ivanisevic (2001)

6. How many times have the modern Summer Olympic Games been held in Greece?

Twice (Athens in 1896 and 2004)

7. What is the minimum number of darts required to achieve a score of 501?

Nine (There are a variety of ways to achieve this, one being to score treble 20 (60) seven times in a row (=420), followed by treble 19 (57 – total is now 477) and then double 12 (24 – total is now 501)

8. Which Essex-born snooker player earned the nickname ‘The Rocket’?

Ronnie O’Sullivan

9. In which sport do the Pittsburgh Steelers compete?

American Football

10. Which football player holds the record for most goals scored in the Premier League?

Alan Shearer (260 goals – Wayne Rooney has scored 194 goals at time of writing – see list here)






French Quiz

Quiz 114 – Round 6 – French Quiz

French Quiz – The following are all films originally released in English. The titles were translated into French for the film release in France – can you identify these films from the translations?

1. Le Silence des agneaux

The Silence of the Lambs

2. La Belle et la bête

Beauty and the Beast

3. La Guerre des mondes

War of the Worlds

4. Retour vers le futur

Back to the Future

5. L’Âge de glace

Ice Age

6. Le cygne noir

Black Swan

7. La Planète des singes

Planet of the Apes

8. Cendrillon


9. Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

10. La Nuit au musée

Night at the Museum


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Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 114 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Einstein’s theory of relativity can be written as E=mc2. What does the ‘E’ stand for?

Energy (of a physical system)

2. Was President Richard Nixon a Democrat or a Republican?


3. Which child actor played the eldest son, Jake Brockman, in TV sitcom ‘Outnumbered’?

Tyger Drew-Honey

4. In which year did the International Astronomical Union downgrade the status of Pluto from planet to ‘dwarf planet’?


5. In which James Bond film did singer Grace Jones appear as a character called ‘May Day’?

A View to a Kill

6. According to the proverb, of what is discretion the better part?


7. In which year did women achieve equal voting rights to men in the UK?

1928 (The Equal Franchise Act – All over the age of 21 could vote. The Representation of the People Act in 1918 only allowed women over 30 who met certain criteria the right to vote)

8. Three-time Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna died in 1994 after crashing into a barrier while he was leading in the Grand Prix where?

San Marino

9.Who was the oldest member of Spice Girls?

Geri Halliwell

10. Which vessels carry oxygenated blood away from the heart, veins or arteries?