Quiz 113

Advertising Slogans Quiz

Quiz 113 – Round 2 – Advertising Slogans

Advertising slogans quiz – for which product or company are/were the following advertising slogans used?

1. Live Well For Less


2. The Power of Dreams


3. We’re Better Connected


4. The Master Chocolatier


5. It Won’t Let You Down


6. It’s Got Our Name On It


7. The Make-Up of Make-Up Artists

Max Factor

8. Ideas For Life


9. Don’t Leave Home Without It

American Express

10. Impossible Is Nothing



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Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 113 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. ‘Manchego’ is a type of Spanish cheese made from the milk of which animal?


2. ‘Pho’ is a noodle soup that originates from which country?


3. A ‘T-bone’ steak has bone running along the top and the middle, with steaks either side of the bone. Which two cuts of steak would they be if served individually?

A sirloin and a fillet (Strip loin and tenderloin in the US)

4. Which Italian pasta-cooking term can be literally translated into English as ‘to the tooth’?

Al dente

5. A common recipe for which traditional sauce would involve a mayonnaise base with added capers, gherkins, lemon juice and parsley or dill?

Tartare sauce

6. From what is the spice paprika produced?

Red peppers/capsicum

7. What type of food is ‘kromeski’?

A type of minced meat croquette (Minced meat wrapped in bacon and then coated in batter and Russian or Polish in origin)

8. Which cocktail was the favourite drink of ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 film ‘The Big Lebowski’?

White Russian

9. ‘Red Baron’, ‘Senshyu Yellow’ and ‘Vidalia’ are varieties of which vegetable?


10. Which type of tea has a distinctive smoky flavour due to its leaves being smoke-dried over pinewood fires?

Lapsang souchong





beer quiz

Quiz 113 – Round 4 – Beer

Beer quiz – From which country do these beers originate?

1. Victoria Bitter


2. Angkor Beer


3. Heineken


4. Kingfisher


5. Pilsner Urquell

Czech Republic

6. Keo


7. Erdinger


8. Leffe


9. Coors


10. Corona



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Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 113 – Round 5 – The World

1. Which is the most northerly capital city in the world?

Reykjavík, Iceland

2. Basseterre is the capital of which two-island country in the West Indies?

Saint Kitts and Nevis

3. In which South American country would you find Los Glaciares National Park?


4. What is the national currency of Bolivia?

Bolivian boliviano

5. King Mswati III is the reigning monarch of which country?


6. Two countries share the land mass of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola – which two countries?

The Dominican Republic and Haiti

7. Name the longest river in Ireland.

River Shannon

8. The Strait of Juan de Fuca forms a partial physical border between which two countries?

Canada and the USA

9. As of December 2016, how many of the member states of the European Union use the Euro as their national currency?

19 (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain)

10. Which country’s flag consists of 5 horizontal stripes with red stripes at the top and bottom, followed by two white stripes inside these, plus a blue stripe in the centre which is twice the thickness of the other stripes?






Sitcoms Quiz

Quiz 113 – Round 6 – Sitcoms

Sitcoms Quiz – Who created and wrote the following sitcoms?

1. Absolutely Fabulous

Jennifer Saunders

2. Dad’s Army

Jimmy Perry and David Croft

3. Getting On

Jo Brand

4. Only Fools and Horses

John Sullivan

5. Dinnerladies

Victoria Wood

6. Porridge

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais

7. Bottom

Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall

8. Red Dwarf

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

9. Heading Out

Sue Perkins

10. The IT Crowd

Graham Linehan


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Quiz 113 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which two famous songwriters composed the theme tune for the original 1966 film version of ‘Alfie’?

Burt Bacharach and Hal David

2. Of which country was Pieter Willem Botha the last serving Prime Minister, who held the post between 1978 and 1984?

South Africa (He became the first executive State President in 1984)

3. In computing terms, what does AGP stand for?

Accelerated Graphics Port

4. According to the Chinese zodiac the year commencing on 28th January 2017 will be the year of which animal?


5. Which ‘birthstone’ is associated with the month of September?


6. In which country would you find Shinjuku railway station?

Japan (Tokyo)

7. Which American singer, songwriter and actor was born Francesco Paolo LoVecchio on March 30th 1913?

Frankie Laine

8. How many German ‘states’ or ‘Bundesländer’ are there?

16 (See this link for a list)

9. What does an anemometer measure?

Wind speed

10. Is the human large intestine or small intestine longer?

Small intestine (Length of small intestine can vary greatly, from around 3 metres to ten metres long. The large intestine is usually around 1.5 metres long)