Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 112 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. A mandrake is a type of what?


2. Which Italian former footballer earned himself the nickname ‘The Divine Ponytail’?

Roberto Baggio

3. In which year did Ken Livingstone become Mayor of London?


4. Who had a 1986 hit with the song ‘Always There’, a version of the theme tune from the 80s TV show ‘Howards’ Way’ with lyrics?

Marti Webb

5. Who plays the title character in the ITV comedy drama series ‘Doc Martin’?

Martin Clunes

6. What is the national currency of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan Rupee

7. Who gives his name to the Channel 4 show ‘____ ____’s Amazing Spaces’?

George Clarke

8. How many zeros are there in a trillion?

12 (There will likely be some discussion about this – please see this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15478580)

9. What is the name of the stretch of water which separates the Orkney Islands from mainland Scotland?

Pentland Firth

10. How many playing spaces are there on a Monopoly board?






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