Science and Nature

Quiz 111 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. A ‘gale’ is the description of which number on the Beaufort Wind Force scale?


2. ‘Aquiline’ is an adjective which describes something as being like which creature?


3. A ‘Finnish Spitz’ is a rare breed of which animal?


4. Which scientist wrote the 1976 book entitled ‘The Selfish Gene’?

Richard Dawkins

5. Which of the planets in our solar system orbits the sun in the shortest amount of time?

Mercury (Approximately 88 Earth days)

6. ‘Rhinorrhoea’ is the correct medical term for which common condition?

Runny nose

7. What, precisely, is Ornithophily?

Bird pollination/the pollination of flowering plants by birds

8. What is the hardest substance in the human body?

Tooth enamel

9. The auditory ossicles are three tiny bones in the ear sometimes called the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup. What are the three alternative scientific terms for these three bones?

Malleus, incus and stapes

10. As an internet user your device will have an IP address so that it can be identified and can communicate over a network. What does ‘IP’ stand for?

Internet Protocol





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