Word Links

Quiz 110 – Round 4 – Word Links

Word Links – We will give you a list of three words – you tell us what they have in common.

1. Trouble, take and Dutch

They can all follow the word ‘double’ to make phrases

2. Band, stamp and plant

They can all follow ‘rubber’ to make new phrases

3. Crawley, Bates and Grantham

They are all surnames of characters in Downton Abbey

4. Caboc, Tintern and Tesyn

They are all types of British soft cheese

5. Ballot, passage and agent

They all things that can be ‘secret’

6. Ball, Cash and Vegas

They are all famous people called Johnny

7. Inheritance, council and road

They are all types of tax

8. Beam, throttle and up

They are all words that can follow ‘full’

9. Stirling, Glamis and Spynie

They are all Scottish castles

10. Broad, kidney and green

They are all types of bean


To download the word links quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





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