Quiz 109

Children's Television Quiz

Quiz 109 – Round 2 – Children’s Television

1. What colour is Henry in the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ stories?


2.  What is the name of the nursery school teacher in ‘Balamory’?

Miss Hoolie

3.Which ‘Tot’ from ‘Tots TV’ had blue hair?


4. Which green ‘Sesame Street’ character lives in a ‘trash can’?

Oscar the Grouch

5. Who was the original presenter of ‘Art Attack’?

Neil Buchanan

6. In which CBeebies programme would you find the character ‘Captain Adorable’?


7. Which late Eighties and early Nineties cartoon character had a butler called Igor?

Count Duckula

8. What are the first names of the ‘Chuckle Brothers’?

Barry and Paul

9. Which 1972 children’s television programme was presented by Rick Jones?


10. Which famous British actor narrates ‘In the Night Garden’?

Sir Derek Jacobi

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Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 109 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

Which household items are made of chemicals with the following formulas?

1. NaCl


2. C2H6O

Alcohol (Ethanol)

3. C

Graphite/Pencil lead/Diamond/Charcoal – all household items that are carbon

4. NH3


5. H2O


6. Al

Aluminium (foil, wire or sheet)

7. Ag

Silver (Jewellery)

8. W

Light bulb filament (Tungsten/Wolfram)

9. C6H8O6

Vitamin C/Fresh fruit (Ascorbic Acid)

10. Cu

Copper pipe, sheet or wire





Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 109 – Round 4 – Food and Drink

1. What makes pink gin pink?

Angostura bitters

2. What meat is used in the Milanese dish of Ossobuco?


3. Which two colours make up the distinctive check pattern of sponge within a Battenberg cake?

Pink and yellow

4. Kalamata, Picholine and Gaeta are types of which fruit?


5. Allium sativum is the Latin name for which pungent foodstuff?


6. Which spirit forms the base of a ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail?


7. Which dessert is also sometimes called a ‘Tuscan Trifle’?


8. How old does a sheep have to be before its meat is classed as mutton?

Over two years

9. ‘Burrata’ is an Italian type of which food?


10. Which herb is used in a traditional pesto recipe?







Comedians Quiz

Quiz 109 – Round 5 – Comedians

Comedians Quiz – Which famous comedians are responsible for these jokes and one-liners?

1. “Two cannibals were eating a clown. One said to the other, “Does he taste funny to you?””

Tommy Cooper

2. “I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again.”

Tim Vine

3. “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian… They’re not laughing now.”

Bob Monkhouse

4. “Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.”

Benny Hill

5. “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.”

Eric Morecambe

6. “I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives.”

Billy Connolly

7. “A man can sleep around, no questions asked. But if a woman makes 19 or 20 mistakes, she’s a tramp.”

Joan Rivers

8.  “We’d like to apologise to viewers in the North…it must be awful for them.”

Victoria Wood (Written by Victoria Wood but line delivered by Susie Blake – accept either answer)

9. “I have kleptomania. But when it gets bad, I take something for it.”

Ken Dodd

10. “I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup.”

Eddie Izzard


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Words quiz

Quiz 109 – Round 6 – Words

Correctly spell the following words:

1. Handkerchief

2. Accommodate

3. Cemetery

4. Pronunciation

5. Weird

6. Psychiatrist

7. Acrylic

8. Rhinoceros

9. Pseudonym

10. Onomatopoeia


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Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 109 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who is the lead vocalist of British rock band Mumford & Sons?

Marcus Mumford

2. The adjective ‘malar’ is used to refer to which part of the human body?

Cheek/side of head

3. If an insect is ‘xylophagous’, what does it feed off?


4. In which British newspaper did the cartoon strip ‘The Perishers’ appear, between 1959 and 2006?

Daily Mirror

5. ‘The appliance of science’ was an advertising slogan used by which manufacturer of household electrical goods?


6. Which river flows through Settle, Clitheroe and Preston?


7. On which date of the year do the French celebrate ‘Bastille Day’?

July 14th

8. Which British sitcom was set at the fictional ‘Bayview Retirement Home’?

Waiting for God

9. On which continent is the State of Eritrea?


10. Who has written novels entitled ‘High Fidelity’, ‘About a Boy’ and ‘A Long Way Down’?

Nick Hornby