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Quiz 108 – Round 3 – Sport

1. 42 Olympic sports were included in the 2016 Games in Rio, but how many were included in the following Paralympics?

23 (

2. Which male tennis player successfully defended his singles title at the 2016 Australian Open?

Novak Djokovic

3. A which stadium was the 2016 UEFA Champions League final played?

San Siro stadium, Milan

4. How many players are there on an ice hockey team?


5. The rules of which sport are sometimes referred to as the ‘Knickerbocker Rules’ or the ‘Cartwright Rules’?


6. How did twenty-one-year-old Charlotte Brew achieve a sporting first on 2nd April 1977?

She became the first woman to ride in the Grand National

7. Which Senegalese footballer transferred to Liverpool from Southampton in June 2016 for a fee of £34 million, making him the most expensive African player to date?

Sadio Mané

8. In darting terms, what is a Shanghai?

Hitting a single, double and treble of the same number (It is also a dart game with similar rules – a game of 20 rounds, where you aim for 1 number each round and can score high by hitting a single, treble and double)

9. Which sportswear company was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924?


10. In which month of the year is the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony?






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