50s Quiz

Quiz 107 – Round 3 – The Fifties

1. Which toy was invented in 1958 when Arthur K. “Spud” Melin and Richard Knerr took a simple, old-fashioned idea and turned it into a fifties fad?

Hula Hoop

2. What was the name of the radio station which broadcast music and light-entertainment from 1945 to 1967 and was later re-branded as Radio 2?

BBC Light Programme

3. In the National Health Service Act of 1952, prescription charges were introduced on the 1st June – how much did they cost?

One shilling

4. In which year of the fifties were Premium Bonds introduced?


5. With which song did Emile Ford and the Checkmates have the last UK Christmas number one of the 1950s?

What Do You Want to Make those Eyes at Me For?

6. On 6th February 1958 British European Airways flight 609 crashed with the Manchester United football team on board. They were on their way home from playing a European Cup match against which team?

Red Star Belgrade

7.  Who tendered his resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in October 1951?

Clement Attlee

8. Who played George Dixon in all 432 episodes of ‘Dixon of Dock Green’?

Jack Warner

9. Who became the first English winner of the British Grand Prix at Aintree motor racing circuit on 17th July 1955?

Stirling Moss

10. Which comic strip, which still runs today, first appeared in northern editions of the Daily Mirror on 5th August 1957?

Andy Capp





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