Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 106 – Round 4 – Science and Nature

1. Of what is the Fujita scale a measurement?

Tornado intensity

2. The atomic number of a chemical element is defined by the number of what within its nucleus?


3. Which planet is known for its Great Red Spot?


4. In which year was Pluto reclassified as a ‘Dwarf Planet’?


5. Of which part of the body is rhinology the study?

The nose

6. Which word is the correct term for a female rabbit?


7. Which synthetically produced radioactive chemical element with the atomic number 94 was first discovered in 1940?


8. What is the collective name for a group of alligators?


9. Which breed of bird is the fastest member of the animal kingdom, with a diving speed measured of up to 242 mph?

Peregrine falcon

10. What was the name of the spacecraft which was launched into the Earth’s orbit on 3rd November 1957 carrying the first living animal, Laika the dog?

Sputnik 2





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