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Quiz 102 – Round 4 – Sport

1. Which was the first team England played against in the UEFA Euro 2016 group stages?


2. Who started Wimbledon 2016 as the gentleman’s number one seed?

Novak Djokovic

3. In darts, what is the highest score possible with three different trebles?

171 (treble 20=60, treble 19=57 and treble 18= 54)

4. Which batsman holds the record cricket score of 400 not out, which he achieved in 2004?

Brian Lara

5. Which U.S. city has a baseball team nicknamed the ‘Angels of Anaheim’?

Los Angeles

6. How many riders are there on a polo team?


7. Who is the only footballer to have scored a goal in an FA Cup final, a League Cup final, a UEFA Cup final and a UEFA Champions League final?

Steven Gerrard (2006, 2003, 2001 and 2005 in that order)

8. In which city are the 2020 Summer Olympic Games scheduled to take place?


9. Who has won more Wimbledon Ladies Singles titles than any other player during the Open Era?

Martina Navratilova (9)

10. Which sport’s ball had its official diameter increased by 2mm in the year 2000?

Table tennis (from 38mm to 40mm)






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