Quiz 102 – Round 3 – Celebrities

Which part of their bodies did these famous celebrities (allegedly!) get insured? I have quoted figures in brackets for general interest purposes only – these quoted figures vary quite wildly according to different reports and none can be verified.

1. Taylor Swift

Legs ($40 million)

2. Kim Kardashian

Bottom ($21 million)

3. Bette Davis

Waist ($28,000)

4. Dolly Parton

Breasts ($3.8 million)

5. Keith Richards

Hands ($1.6 million)

6. Julia Roberts

Teeth ($30 million)

7. Bruce Springsteen

Vocal chords ($6 million)

8. Charlie Chaplin

Feet ($100,000)

9. Gene Simmons (Kiss)

Tongue ($1 million)

10. Joey Essex

Hair ($1 million)





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