Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 101 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who had a UK number one hit in March 1960 with “My Old Man’s a Dustman”?

Lonnie Donegan

2. Which eighteenth century French writer was born François-Marie Arouet?


3. How many dots are there on five dice?


4. What name is given to a male antelope?


5. On which Greek island will you find the ruins of Knossos?


6. From which ‘Queen’ album was the single ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ taken?

A Night at the Opera

7. What does HIV stand for?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

8. What nationality is the satellite navigation and mapping company TomTom?


9. What relation was George V to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge?


10. How many times has England hosted the FIFA World Cup?

Once (1966)





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