Quiz 100

Science and Nature

Quiz 100 – Round 2 – Science and Nature

1. What is the medical term for a nosebleed?


2. How many square metres are there in a hectare?

Ten thousand

3. Sambar, Fallow and Chital are all types of which creature?


4. What is the name of the longest muscle in the human body?

Sartorius muscle (running down the thigh)

5. Which element has the atomic number 2?


6. For what, in meteorological terms, is an ‘okta’ a unit of measurement?

The amount of cloud cover at a given location

7. How many planets in our solar system are larger than the Earth?

4 (Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus)

8. What was the first name of the American astronomer after whom the Hubble telescope was named?


9. What is the aboriginal name for Ayers Rock?


10. What type of creature is an avocet?






Art and Literature

Quiz 100 – Round 3 – Art and Literature

The following are all famous books with numbers in the title but which have that number missing – can you fill in the missing numbers?

1. _______ Red Herrings (Jeffrey Archer)


2. Fahrenheit ________ (Ray Bradbury)


3. _________ Reasons Why (Jay Asher)


4. _________ _________ Leagues Under the Sea (Jules Verne)

Twenty Thousand

5. _________ Years in Tibet (Heinrich Harrer)


6. __________ Minutes (Jodi Picoult)


7. Slaughterhouse-_________ (Kurt Vonnegut)


8. ___________ Red Herrings (Dorothy L. Sayers)


9. The ____________ Balloons (William Pène du Bois)


10. The _________ Towers (J.R.R. Tolkien)



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Quiz 100 – Round 4 – The World

1. In which country would you find Mount Sinai?


2. Which was the first English ‘New Town’ to be created following the New Towns Act of 1946?


3. Within which country does Lake Athabasca lie?


4. Of which country is Lusaka the capital?


5. Which European country had three kings named Leopold who reigned for the majority of the years between 1831 and 1951?


6. Morgantown, Martinsburg, Parkersburg and Fairmont are towns in which US state?

West Virginia

7. Which country has the internet domain extension .hu?


8. What is the national currency of Israel?

Israeli New Shekel

9. Name all eight countries and principalities that share a border with France.

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain

10. The Denmark Strait lies between which two countries? (Clue: Neither is Denmark)

Iceland and Greenland






Quiz 100 – Round 6 – Classic Comedy

1. What was the name of Frank and Betty’s daughter in ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em’?


2. What type of car did Basil Fawlty repeatedly hit with a branch after it broke down on the way to pick up food from André’s restaurant?

Austin 1100

3. In the second episode of ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, entitled ‘Corporal Punishment’, Blackadder faces a court-marshal for shooting General Melchett’s beloved pet pigeon. What was the name of the bird?

Speckled Jim

4. According to the ‘Are You Being Served?’ theme tune, on which floor were ‘shirts, socks, ties, hats, underwear and shoes’?

First Floor

5. Which four actors played the four main parts in ‘The Young Ones’?

Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Christopher Ryan

6. What was the name of the eldest Boswell child in ‘Bread’?


7. What was the surname of drunken Father Jack in ‘Father Ted’?


8. Name the actors who played the two entertainment managers, Jeffrey Fairbrother and Squadron Leader Clive Dempster, in ‘Hi-De-Hi!’

Simon Cadell and David Griffin

9. In which year was ‘Only Fools and Horses’ first broadcast?


10. What was the name of Rigsby’s large black and white cat in ‘Rising Damp’?



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Quiz 100 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. From which work of literature is the quote “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” taken?

Lady Windermere’s Fan – Oscar Wilde

2. The Republic of Seychelles consists of how many islands?


3. What type of rock are curling stones made from?


4. What was the name of the first studio album to be released by Prince in 1978?

For You

5. In Morse code, which letter of the alphabet is represented by a single dot?


6. Who did Will Smith marry in 1997?

Jada Pinkett

7. Which sport is the subject of the 1993 film ‘Cool Runnings’?


8. Which type of triangle has all three sides of differing lengths?


9. If you were born on 27th May what star sign would you be?


10. Of which Latin term is ‘e.g.’ an abbreviation?

Exempli Gratia