Free art and literature quiz questions

Quiz 10 – Round 3 – Art and Literature

Free Art and Literature Quiz Questions

1. In Charles Dickens’s ‘Great Expectations’, what is the name of the London lawyer who represents Pip’s benefactor?

Mr Jaggers

2. In Beatrix Potter’s books, what kind of animal was Jeremy Fisher?

A frog

3. Who wrote the opera ‘Madame Butterfly’?

Giacomo Puccini

4. In which European gallery does the famous painting ‘Whistler’s Mother’ hang, painted by James McNeill Whistler?

The Musée D’Orsay in Paris

5. Which famous Latin phrase has been popularly translated as ‘seize the day’?

Carpe diem

6. What type of animal is Snowball, in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’?


7. Whose autobiography is entitled ‘Dreams From My Father’?

Barack Obama

8. At which number on Baker Street did Sherlock Holmes live?


9. In which European city would you find the famous ‘Trevi Fountain’?


10. Which newspaper does Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) work for?

Daily Bugle


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