News Quiz 2016

2016 Quiz – Round 3 – News

News Quiz 2016 – How well do you remember the events of this year?

1. On which date this year did the UK vote to leave the European Union?

23rd June

2. What was the name of the 41-year-old Labour MP who sadly died in June this year after being shot and stabbed as she prepared to hold a meeting with constituents of Birstall, West Yorkshire?

Jo Cox

3. Who became First Minister of Northern Ireland in January and is the first woman to have held the post?

Arlene Foster

4. Which labour MP resigned in September amidst rumours that he paid for the services of two male escorts?

Keith Vaz

5. UKIP has had 3 different leaders during the course of 2016. Can you name all three?

Nigel Farage, Diane James and Paul Nuttall

6. Which television channel became the first in the UK to only be available online as of February 2016?

BBC Three

7. A new national living wage came into force on 1st April. How much is the minimum that employers are required to pay staff over 25 as from this date?

£7.20 per hour

8. In which American city were 49 people killed and 53 others wounded in June 2016 in a mass shooting inside the gar bar ‘Pulse’?


9. Which well-known high street retailer filed for administration on 25th April?


10. In which month did the first £5 polymer banknote enter circulation?



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