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Halloween Quiz 2 – Round 2 – Phobias

Phobias Quiz – Of what are the following a phobia?

1. Somniphobia

Fear of sleep

2. Wiccaphobia

Fear of witches and witchcraft

3. Pathophobia

Fear of disease

4. Ichthyophobia

Fear of fish

5. Agoraphobia

Fear of open or public places

6. Dementophobia

Fear of insanity

7. Catoptrophobia

Fear of mirrors

8. Heliophobia

Fear of the sun

9. Spectrophobia

Fear of mirrors/reflections (Accept also a fear of ghosts/spectres)

10. Arachnophobia

Fear of spiders


To download the phobias quiz as a PDF question paper for contestants, please click on the lin below:





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