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Premium Quiz 109

A seven-round quiz in one easy PDF download. Your download will be immediately available in your browser and also sent to your email address.

Each round has ten questions except for the picture round which has twenty images.

Round 1 – Picture Round – Twenty flags of the world.

Round 2 – Financial Abbreviations – What do these initialisms, often found on bank statements, stand for?

Round 3 – Roald Dahl – General questions about the famous writer and his work.

Round 4 – TV Detectives – In which TV programmes would you find these characters?

Round 5 – The Moon – Ten questions about the moon or linked to the word ‘moon’.

Round 6 – UK Motorways – Which UK motorways pass through (or near to) the three named towns or cities?

Round 7 – General Knowledge – General Questions

This quiz was originally published on 21st July 2020