Halloween Quiz 2020

Halloween Quiz 2020

Our Premium Halloween Quiz 2020 is a seven-round quiz in one easy PDF download. All questions were written with Halloween in mind. Your download will be immediately available in your browser and also sent to your email address.

Each round has ten questions except for the picture round which has twenty images.

Round 1 – Picture Round – Ten writers and ten directors associated with horror and fantasy.

Round 2 – Music – Who released these songs? (Halloween themed)

Round 3 – UK True Crime – General questions.

Round 4 – Fictional Groups – Name the film, TV programme or book where all of these characters appear together.

Round 5 – TV and Film – General Questions with a Halloween theme.

Round 6 – True or False? – Halloween themed true or false round.

Round 7 – General Knowledge – General Questions

This Halloween quiz was originally published on 13th October 2020.