Pantomime Quiz

Christmas Quiz 5 – Round 3 – Pantomimes

Pantomime Quiz – How well do your contestants know their pantos?

1. In ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ what does Jack trade for magic beans?

A cow

2. In which pantomime does the character of Buttons feature?


3. Richard Whittington, the real-life Lord Mayor of London and inspiration for Dick Whittington, was born in which century?

14th (1354)

4. ‘Aladdin’ was originally one of the tales in a book of Middle Eastern folk tales – what is the name of the book?

One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights also acceptable)

5. Which pantomime was also the name of a character voiced by Antonio Banderas in the ‘Shrek’ films?

Puss in Boots

6. Name all of Snow White’s seven dwarfs.

Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy and Dopey

7. How many years should Sleeping Beauty sleep for unless her spell is broken?

One Hundred

8. JM Barrie famously wrote ‘Peter Pan’, but what does the ‘JM’ in his name stand for?

James Matthew

9. When Mother Goose is down on her luck and has no money, what creature arrives which could be the answer to all of her problems?

A Golden Goose/Goose that lays golden eggs

10. Which Downton Abbey star played the Beast in the 2017 film musical version of Beauty and the Beast?

Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey)


To download the pantomime quiz as a contestant question paper, with printed questions plus spaces for answers, please click on the grey link below:




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