Christmas Adverts

Christmas Quiz 3 – Round 3 – Christmas Adverts

1. The 2013 John Lewis advert included a woodland cartoon scene to the soundtrack of a cover version of the 2004 hit by Keane, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ – who sang the song on the advert?

Lily Allen

2. Which supermarket’s 2015 Christmas advert is entitled ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’?


3. Which soft drink made a 2007 Christmas advert that was a parody of ‘Walking in the Air’?

Irn Bru

4. Which brand of chocolates made a series of adverts with that were accompanied by the song ‘Magic Moments’?

Quality Street

5. In which year did Sainsbury’s produce an advert depicting the famous 1914 ‘Christmas Truce’?


6. In 1992, on what did a young boy stand in order to make him tall enough to kiss a girl under the mistletoe?

The Yellow Pages

7. ‘It’s a magical place, we’re on our way there…’ – Where are they going?

Toys R Us

8. Which company made a cheeky parody of the 2015 ‘Man on the Moon’ advert by John Lewis?


9. Whose 2015 Christmas advert is the Star Wars ‘Battle for Christmas Morning’?


10. Which 2015 advert is accompanied by the Cab Calloway song ‘Everybody Eats When They Come To My House’?






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