Christmas Anagrams

Christmas Quiz 4 – Round 4 – Christmas Anagrams

In this Christmas anagrams quiz we have taken the names of ten popular Christmas toys since 1980 and  jumbled them up. Can you work out which Christmas toys they are?

1. Maybe Go (1991)


2. A Gothic Mat (1997)


3. Hot Bubble Ride (2001)

Bob the Builder

4. Buck Bruise (1980)

Rubik’s Cube

5. Dirty Canals (1992)

Tracy Island

6. Bear Poison (2004)


7. Pure Optimism (1985)

Optimus Prime

8. Grizzly Tea Hub (1996)

Buzz Lightyear

9. Snaky Garden Lists (2012)

Skylanders Giants

10. Narrower Pegs (1994)

Power Rangers


To download the Christmas Anagrams quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





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