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Hi – My name is Charlie and I am an online writer and blogger.

I have always been a huge fan of quizzes and over the years I have picked up rather a lot of random information! I could spend endless hours researching and assimilating completely useless facts… These quizzes are the result of my hobby and passion and I thoroughly enjoy creating them.

A former teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, I have a combined BA Hons. in French and German studies and many years experience in primary and secondary school teaching in a variety of subjects. When I get any free time I enjoy reading and walking and despite spending most of my week writing quizzes I still love to attend the odd pub quiz.

If you have any suggestions for improvements on the site, Β I would be grateful to have your feedback so that I can make amendments. Please also bear in mind that while all questions and answers are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are as accurate as possible, I am not infallible! If you spot an inaccuracy, please let me know using the contact form above and please check out the ‘Legal Stuff‘Β section above for information about using the questions in public quizzes.

Thank you again for using ReadyMadePubQuiz.com.

Charlie x


33 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’m looking for a new regular quiz as my previous quiz compiler has retired. I’ve had a brief look at some of your quizzes and they seem to fit the bill. Are they free to download?

    1. Hi Mary,
      Yes, all the quizzes are free to download – at present there are only 10 weeks of seven rounds, but I am writing at the moment and hope to have another 10 quizzes on by Christmas.

      If you sign up on the right-hand side, you will automatically receive updates when I add them to the site.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I do an annual quiz for our church and these are among the best questions I’ve found. Many thanks. When I’ve finished this year’s quiz I send you some of the questiosn I’ve used in past years. Thanks again

  3. Hi Charlie,
    love the website and will be using some of your questions in future quizzes I do over here in Crete. Please take a look at my website that is doing the same thing as you on http://www.freepubquiz.weebly.com
    It is also all for free as well, just like you I wanted to get some info out there for other quiz masters. I update the page every week with the questions I do at two local pubs, all for fun!
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for your free quizzes – I use them regularly in my quizzes for Spice UK, adventure, sports and social group, and they are very well received.

    1. Thanks Dave, it’s always lovely to get nice comments! Glad the quizzes work well – please feel free to let me know if you have any special requests for future rounds.

  5. Hi Charlie,great page & very handy.I do a couple of bonus questions that no one should no the answers to but whoever gets the closest to gets a free drink.For example “What is the average number of seeds on top of a Big mac burger?(187) & how many times did Classic FM play a Mozart piece last year?(1910)I am finding it harder to find questions like that,can you help me?

    1. Hi Bob, that’s actually on my to-do list at the moment and I’m hoping to get around to it as soon as I can.
      I’ll drop you an email when they get added to the site.


      1. Just in case anyone is interested, since these comments I added a tie-breakers section to the left-hand side bar. I got around to it in the end!

  6. Hi Charlie

    Great website I love it just to let you know your answer to quiz 1 round 2-music q 8 the year is 1985 and not 1984 as stated


    1. Hi Barney – you’re absolutely right – apparently it was recorded in 1984 but they delayed the release of the record for a year. I’ve amended the answer – thanks for the heads up and glad you like the site πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Charlie
    I have recently become re-hooked on quiz after watching Eggheads on Australian Television. When I worked in China I was a member of “Friends of Fran” and we competed regularly on a Tuesday night at the John Bull Pub in Beijing. Unfortunately most of the team are scattered around the world nowadays Fran is back in UK, Mike Timperley is retired in France and I am here in Australia.
    Looking forward to retiring next year so that I can get some serious quiz study time. Excellent site so keep up the good work
    Best regards
    Gavin Buchan

  8. Well found your web site tonight Charlie . and i have been on a lot but found yours the best very easy to browse your site like to say thanks for allowing me to use your material on our quiz (6 of us round the table in local no prizes just fun)

    1. Hi Derek, So glad you like the site and it was useful to you. It’s always great for someone to take the time to leave a comment, thank you πŸ™‚

  9. Great quizzes, thanks. We used them with some friends for an alternative school quiz night. Just right – not too difficult, not too easy. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Katie – glad you like the site and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Charlie,

    Your questions are great, and have helped me to put more variety into my quiz. Much appreciated, Jennie

  11. Hi Charlie

    I work for a charity and regularly pinch questions from your site here for our weekly quiz on our social drop in for those who have survived a brain injury. It’s the best quiz website I have found. Keep up the good work! x

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for the quiz. I use them when composing our pub quiz and find them very useful. One query though. You say that Dryden was the first Poet Laureate of the UK. However, I understand that he actually replaced Sir William Davenant as Poet Laureate in 1668.

    1. Hi Stephen – thanks for your comment. John Dryden was the first person to hold the post officially – although I agree that there is some discussion on this subject and the answer is probably not as clear-cut as I had first thought. Others had been informally named Poet Laureate before Dryden. I think given this I will take another look at the question. Many thanks, Charlie πŸ™‚

  13. Hello,

    One of the questions from the latest quiz in the category ,,celebrities” contains a mistake. First name of Jane Fonda’s father is not Peter, but Henry.

    1. Hi Klaudia – If you look again at the question it does not ask who Jane Fonda’s father is – it asks who Bridget Fonda’s father is. The answer to this question is Peter Fonda and Henry Fonda is her grandfather. Kind regards, Charlie

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I occasionally run quizzes for my church and sometime for other organisations. I think that the difficulty level of questions is just right for the cross section of people that I’m catering for. You’ve saved me so much time, and I really appreciate you giving your work away.

    Once again Thank You!!


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