Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 113 – Round 5 – The World

1. Which is the most northerly capital city in the world?

Reykjavík, Iceland

2. Basseterre is the capital of which two-island country in the West Indies?

Saint Kitts and Nevis

3. In which South American country would you find Los Glaciares National Park?


4. What is the national currency of Bolivia?

Bolivian boliviano

5. King Mswati III is the reigning monarch of which country?


6. Two countries share the land mass of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola – which two countries?

The Dominican Republic and Haiti

7. Name the longest river in Ireland.

River Shannon

8. The Strait of Juan de Fuca forms a partial physical border between which two countries?

Canada and the USA

9. As of December 2016, how many of the member states of the European Union use the Euro as their national currency?

19 (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain)

10. Which country’s flag consists of 5 horizontal stripes with red stripes at the top and bottom, followed by two white stripes inside these, plus a blue stripe in the centre which is twice the thickness of the other stripes?






European Capital Cities

Quiz 111 – Round 1 – Picture Round

This week’s picture round is a selection of photos of European Capital Cities. Can you identify the city?

To download the picture round in PDF format please click on the link below:





1. Dublin

By Aapo Haapanen –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

2. Reykjavík

By Scoundrelgeo – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

3. Berlin

By Axel Mauruszat – Own work, Attribution,

4. Tallinn, Estonia

By Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA – – image description page, CC BY 2.0,

5. Paris

By Taxiarchos228, cropped and modified by Poke2001 – Paris-pano-wladyslaw.jpg, CC BY 3.0,

6. Stockholm

By Brorsson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

7. Rome

CC BY-SA 2.0,

8. Valletta, Malta

By Myriam Thyes – Own work, Public Domain,

9. Cardiff

By grahamwell / Graham profile at Flickr website – Flickr original image, CC BY-SA 2.0,

10. London

By Mark Percy, CC BY-SA 2.0,



Quiz 106 – Round 6 – The World

1. In terms of population, which is the second largest city in France?


2. Who was the first ever Chancellor of Germany?

Otto von Bismarck

3. If you were to see a sign for a ‘peaje’ on a Spanish road, what would you be approaching?

A toll

4. Of which African country is Lomé the capital?


5. Of which English county is Carlisle the county town?


6. What is the national currency of the Seychelles?

Seychellois rupee

7. Which international airport has the code DEL?

Indira Gandhi International (New Delhi)

8. In which London Borough is the London Eye?


9. What is the most densely populated principality in Europe?


10. What are the two official languages of the Philippines?

Filipino and English






Picture Round

Quiz 103 – Round 1 – Picture Round

This week’s picture round is a selection of famous buildings. Please click on the grey box below to download the picture round PDF.





1. Chrysler Building, New York

By The original uploader was Petri Krohn at English WikipediaLater versions were uploaded by Cacophony at en.wikipedia. – Photograph by User:Leena Hietanen (In real life: fi:Leena Hietanen) March 2005. (Uploaded with permission.)Interwiki transfer detailsOriginally from en.wikipedia (All user names refer to en.wikipedia):2006-04-09 06:41 Cacophony 1115×1252×8 (427654 bytes) straightened2006-02-11 19:14 Petri Krohn 1200×1600×8 (226931 bytes)2006-02-11 19:11 Petri Krohn 1600×1200×8 (460169 bytes) The top floors of the [[Chrysler building]] seen from the east on [[42nd Street (Manhattan)|]] in morning light. Photograph by Leena Hietanen March 2005. (Uploaded with permission.), CC BY-SA 3.0,

2. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

CC BY-SA 2.0,

3. The Shard, London

© User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Pantheon, Rome

By Roberta Dragan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Sydney Opera House

By Jimmy Harris – Harris J 2006. Sydney opera house [photo], Flickr., CC BY 2.0,

6. Sagrada Família, Barcelona

By Arnaud Gaillard (arnaud () – Own work, CC BY-SA 1.0,

7. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow (or Saint Vasily)

By Petar Milošević – Transferred from sr.wikipedia to Commons by PetarM using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 4.0,

8. The Space Needle, Seattle

By Wonderlane [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

9. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

By Zarateman – Own work, CC0,

10. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

By Filip Maljković from Pancevo, Serbia – Hagia Sophia, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Quiz 103 – Round 6 – The World

The following are the IATA codes for ten international airports – can you identify the airport from the three-letter code?

1. ATL

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, USA

2. LGW

London Gatwick

3. FCO

Rome Airport Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci Airport

4. HND

Haneda Airport /Tokyo International Airport

5. AMS

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

6. BCN

Barcelona El Prat Airport

7. MEX

Mexico City International Airport/Benito Juárez International Airport

8. HKG

Hong Kong International Airport

9. DUB

Dublin Airport

10. AKL

Auckland Airport, New Zealand






Quiz 100 – Round 4 – The World

1. In which country would you find Mount Sinai?


2. Which was the first English ‘New Town’ to be created following the New Towns Act of 1946?


3. Within which country does Lake Athabasca lie?


4. Of which country is Lusaka the capital?


5. Which European country had three kings named Leopold who reigned for the majority of the years between 1831 and 1951?


6. Morgantown, Martinsburg, Parkersburg and Fairmont are towns in which US state?

West Virginia

7. Which country has the internet domain extension .hu?


8. What is the national currency of Israel?

Israeli New Shekel

9. Name all eight countries and principalities that share a border with France.

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain

10. The Denmark Strait lies between which two countries? (Clue: Neither is Denmark)

Iceland and Greenland







Quiz 99 – Quiz 5 – The World

1. Which of the world’s continents has the largest population?


2. The Nile is famously the longest river in the world but which is the second longest?


3. Of which country is Freetown the capital city?

Sierra Leone

4. What is the national currency of Hungary?

Hungarian forint

5. Just as a British car uses ‘GB’, which letters denote a vehicle registration plate from Gibraltar?


6. Which country borders Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova?


7. The UK shipping forecast uses distinctive names for the seas surrounding the British Isles – how many of these ‘sea areas’ are there?


8. Mount Everest is named the world’s highest mountain, as its peak is the highest above sea level – but what is the name of the island mountain which could be considered the ‘tallest’ in the world if measured from the bottom of the sea bed to its peak?

Mauna Kea (in Hawaii)

9. Which is the largest of the Canary Islands?


10. What is the national sport of Wales?

Rugby Union






Quiz 97 – Round 4 – The World

The following are all airports named after famous people. Which country, U.S. state or island do the following airports serve?

1. George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Texas (Houston)

2. Nikola Tesla Airport

Serbia (Belgrade)

3. Reina Sofía Airport (Queen Sofia)

Tenerife, Spain

4. Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport

Illinois (Springfield)

5. Giuseppe Verdi Airport

Italy (Parma)

6. Bob Hope Airport

California (Burbank)

7. Ian Fleming International Airport

Jamaica (Boscobel)

8. Mohammed V International Airport

Morocco (Casablanca)

9. Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Nepal (Lukla)

10. Yasser Arafat International Airport

Gaza Strip (Rafa)





UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Quiz 93 – Round 1 – UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Quiz – On the PDF you will find ten famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Contestants should attempt to name them, giving the name of the monument or site. Click on the grey box below to download the quiz paper and don’t forget to print out your answers too.






1. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

Public Domain image via Pixabay

2. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Public Domain image via Pixabay

3. Abu Simbel Temples/Nubian Monuments (Nubia, Egypt)

Public Domain image via Pixabay

4. Grand Place, Brussels

By Christophe Krief (Personal Photos) [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Stonehenge

Public Domain image via Pixabay

6. Chichen Itza/El Castillo (Mexico)

Public Domain image via Pixabay

7. Easter Island/Rapa Nui

Public Domain image via Pixabay

8. Blenheim Palace

By User:Pcb21 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

9. Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Public Domain image via Pixabay

10. Mont St. Michel (Normandy)

Public Domain image via Pixabay





UK Geography

Quiz 93 – Round 4 – UK Geography

This UK geography quiz is especially for drivers. Can you tell us on which motorway the following service stations are?
1. Abington Services


2. Keele Services


3. Severn View Services


4. Warwick Services


5. Trowell Services


6. Sarn Park Services


7. Michaelwood Services


8. Norton Canes Services

M6 Toll

9. Doncaster North Services


10. Kinross Services



To download the UK Geography quiz as a question paper for contestants, please click on the grey box below. This will allow you to hand out a question paper and let contestants fill in their own answers, without the questions needing to be read aloud.






Classical Composers

Quiz 90 – Round 2 – Classical Composers

In this round you quite simply need to tell us in which modern day country the following classical composers were born.

1. Ludwig Van Beethoven


2. Franz Liszt


3. Frédéric Chopin


4. Antonio Vivaldi


5. Sergei Rachmaninoff


6. Maurice Ravel


7. George Gershwin


8. Edvard Grieg


9. Edward Elgar


10. Jean Sibelius



To download the classical composers quiz as a contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 90 – Round 6 – The World

In which sea would you find the following islands?

1. Mauritius

Indian Ocean

2. Sardinia

Mediterranean Sea

3. Kiribati

Pacific Ocean

4. Corfu

Ionian Sea

5. Santorini

Aegean Sea

6. Elephant Island

Southern Ocean

7. Chechen Island

Caspian Sea

8. Alderney

English Channel

9. Nanshan Island

South China Sea

10. Gotland

Baltic Sea



To download the Geography pub quiz questions as a contestant question paper, please click on the link below:





Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 89 – Round 5 – The World

1. Of which Mediterranean island is Palermo the capital?


2. In which country does the cycle race of ‘La Vuelta’ primarily take place?


3. How many countries have land borders with China?

14 – India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal.

4. Of which American state is Annapolis the capital?


5. What is the largest freshwater lake (by volume) in the world and is located in southern Siberia?

Lake Baikal

6. Between which two countries is the Tasman Sea located?

Australia and New Zealand

7. Which two colours can be found on the Ukrainian flag?

Blue and gold/yellow (two horizontal stripes)

8. Which island is sometimes referred to as the ‘Emerald Isle’?


9. Which is the world’s largest ocean?

Pacific Ocean

10. To which country does the internet domain extension .mx belong?



To download the ‘World’ quiz as a PDF question paper for contestants, please click on the grey box below?




Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 88 – Round 2 – The World

The following are all airports named after famous people. Which town or city do they serve?

1. W.A. Mozart Airport


2. John Lennon Airport


3. George Best Airport


4. Rajiv Gandhi Airport


5. John F. Kennedy International Airport

New York City

6. John Wayne Airport

Santa Ana (California)

7. John Paul II International Airport


8. Franz Joseph Strauss International Airport


9. Marco Polo Airport


10. Roland Garros Airport

Saint-Denis (Reunion)


To download the airports quiz in PDF format, please click on the grey box below:





Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 87 – Round 4 – The World

In which English county are the following attractions?

1. Stonehenge


2. Flamingo Land

North Yorkshire

3. Whipsnade Zoo


4. Chatsworth House


5. Cadbury World

West Midlands

6. Ashmolean Museum


7. The Eden Project


8. Alton Towers


9. Highclere Castle


10. Cromer Pier



To download the England Quiz as a contestant question paper, please click on the grey box below:




National Anthems

Quiz 86 – Round 2 – National Anthems

Of which country are the following the national anthems? In the case of anthems with the name of the country within it, that name has been omitted.

1. Advance ___________ Fair.


2. Land of the Free


3. The Star-Spangled Banner

United States

4. Forged from the Love of Liberty

Trinidad and Tobago

5. ___________, Land We Love


6. O, _____________


7. Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour


8. God bless our Homeland, ___________


9. Arise, O Compatriots


10. God Save the Queen

United Kingdom


To download a quiz sheet, with questions only plus gaps for answers, please click on the grey box below.