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1. In which Charles Dickens book do the characters Esther Summerson and Richard Carstone appear?

Bleak House

2. In which country was Jean-Claude Van Damme born?


3. Complete the proverb; “A prophet is not recognised…”

“…in his own land.”

4. The former ‘Republic of Rhodesia’ is now which country?


5. ‘Je t’aime…moi non plus’ reached number one in the UK, but can you name both members of the duo?

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

6. The Strait of Gibraltar forms a narrow channel separating Gibraltar from which African country?


7. Marshall Bruce Mathers III found fame under which stage name?


8. In the original UK format of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, how much was the tenth question worth?


9. In which sport is the Stanley Cup contested?

Ice Hockey

10. Which colour moves first in a game of chess?


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    1. In theatrical terms, what is the term ‘prop’ short for?


    2. In which country would you find the Troodos mountains?


    3. The rock band Marillion got their name from a book by which author?

    J.R.R. Tolkien (Silmarillion)

    4. Who wrote the 1990 autobiography ‘An American Life’?

    Ronald Reagan

    5. Who provided the voice for Dory in the 2003 cartoon film ‘Finding Nemo’?

    Ellen DeGeneres

    6. ‘Cob’ and ‘pen’ are the male and female respectively of which type animal?


    7. In which television comedy series did  Paul Shane and Sue Pollard play father and daughter?

    You Rang M’Lord

    8. Which musical instrument is the smallest member of the flute family?


    9. Who recorded the 1997 album ‘OK Computer’?


    10. What is a ‘doodle-sack’? (Can by hyphenated or unhyphenated)

    A set of Bagpipes

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      1. Who recorded the 1991 album ‘Caribbean Blue’?


      2. What does the acronym RNLI stand for?

      Royal National Lifeboat Institution

      3. Which British political party was formed in 1934?

      Scottish National Party

      4. Torvill and Dean famously won Gold dancing to the Boléro – but who composed the music?

      Maurice Ravel

      5. In which English county is Oswestry?


      6. In which event did Sally Gunnell win a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona?

      400 metre hurdles

      7. Who painted ‘The Laughing Cavalier’?

      Frans Hals

      8. In the television series Blackadder the Third, which famous actor plays the dictionary writer Dr. Samuel Johnson?

      Robbie Coltrane

      9. Name three people who have appeared as an ‘Egghead’ on the BBC quiz show. (First names sufficient)

      Kevin Ashman, CJ De Mooi, Daphne Fowler, Chris Hughes, Judith Keppel, Barry Simmons, Pat Gibson and Dave Rainford.

      10. True or false – the hardcore American rapper Ice-T was actually born with the name Tracy Marrow.


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        1. If something is cooked in the style ‘Lyonnaise’, what does it contain?


        2. Which planet has an orbit which reaches closest to Earth?


        3. In which year did the period of prohibition in the USA end?


        4. In Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, which creature sits on a mushroom smoking a hookah?

        A caterpillar

        5. Which of the wives of Henry VIII was the second to be executed?

        Kathryn Howard

        6. What is the name of the household butler in ‘The Addams Family’?


        7. What is the currency of Ghana?

        Ghana Cedi

        8. In which year did Torvill and Dean win gold for their bolero at the Winter Olympics?


        9. Captain Sensible sang the theme tune to which UK TV game show?

        Big Break

        10. The year 2000 was a leap year – true or false?


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          1. What does NATO stand for?

          North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

          2. What type of food is a Chanterelle?


          3. Can you name two of the ‘Chasers’ from the ITV quiz show ‘The Chase’?

          Two of – Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace

          4. In which 1993 TV mini-series did John Thaw and Lindsay Duncan play married couple Peter and Annie Mayle?

          A Year in Provence

          5. Who was born first – Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Derek Jacobi or Sir Ian McKellan?

          Sir Derek Jacobi (Derek Jacobi  was born 22/10/1938, Ian McKellan 25/5/1939 and Patrick Stewart 13/7/1940 )

          6. What is the currency of Iceland?

          Icelandic Króna

          7. How many episodes of Fawlty Towers were made?


          8. Who is the lead singer of the rock group Muse?

          Matthew Bellamy

          9. In which European city would you find the Rialto Bridge?


          10. What is the medical name for the shin bone?


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            1. How many squares are there on a chess board?


            2. The ‘aurora borealis’ is more commonly known by which term?

            The Northern Lights

            3. What is the highest value Euro banknote in circulation?

            500 Euros

            4. ‘Ibanez’ are a company producing primarily which musical instrument?


            5. The German word for ‘health’ is sometimes used in English – under which circumstance?

            When someone sneezes (‘Gesundheit’ means health)

            6. After how many years of marriage would you celebrate a ‘lace’ anniversary?


            7. How many of the United States of America begin with the letter ‘M’?

            Eight – Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana

            8. If you could use the letters ‘M.Eng’ after your name, what qualification would you hold?

            Master of Engineering

            9. In the children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’, what is the name of the green monster who lives in the dustbin?

            Oscar the Grouch

            10. Where does Thursday come before Wednesday?

            In a dictionary

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              1. What is the motto of the S.A.S?

              Who Dares Wins

              2. Who composed the famous ‘William Tell Overture’?

              Gioachino Rossini

              3. What is the name for the seven-branched candelabrum used in a Jewish temple?


              4. I which writer’s book will you find the quote “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

              J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

              5. UK residents are entitled to receive a letter from the Queen, arranged by the Anniversaries Office, on their 100th birthday and which other occasion?

              60th wedding anniversary

              6. In which country would you find Los Glaciares National Park?


              7. What image will you find on the front of the album ‘This Is It’ by The Strokes?

              A lady’s bottom

              8. Which British motorway reaches the furthest north?


              9. Colin Fry is famous for which type of entertainment?

              Spiritualist Medium

              10. True or False – Blackpool Tower was opened to the public in 1894?


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                1. Which 1989 film starts with the words “Hiya, wall!”

                Shirley Valentine

                2. Madeleine Wickham is another pseudonym of  well-known chick lit author – under which name is she better known?

                Sophie Kinsella

                3. Name the 5 main members of the ‘supergroup’ the ‘Traveling Wilburys’.

                Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty

                4. In which year did Hurricane Katrina devastate parts of the United States of America?


                5. Which hunter, according to Greek mythology, was placed among the stars by Zeus?


                6. On which date in 1955 does Marty McFly first visit during his trips in the film ‘Back To The Future’?

                November 5th

                7. Who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in 1971?

                Princess Anne

                8. What was the name of the character played by Tim Robbins in the 1994 film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’?

                Andy Dufresne (Pronounced ‘Doo-frayn’)

                9. Name the three light blue properties on a standard London Monopoly board.

                Pentonville Road, The Angel Islington and Euston Road

                 10. True or False: The Eiffel Tower is 324 metres tall?


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                  1. In which city was the first ever ‘Miss World’ contest held?


                  2. Which actor played Mr. George Banks in the 1964 Disney film version of Mary Poppins?

                  David Tomlinson

                  3. What is the capital city of the American state of Ohio?


                  4. Who wrote the 1962 novel ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’, on which the 1975 film was based?

                  Ken Kesey

                  5. What was the name of the Roman god of war?


                  6. How many players are there on a volleyball team?


                  7. Who invented logarithms?

                  John Napier

                  8. What is the tallest building in the UK?

                  The Shard

                  9. Which nationality was the composer Richard Strauss?


                  10. How many strings are there on a full-size Grand Concert harp?


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                    1. Which of the Beatles wears white on the cover of the Abbey Road album?

                    John Lennon

                    2. What is the meaning of the musical term ‘diminuendo’?

                    With gradually decreasing volume

                    3. Who was the longest serving British Prime Minister of the 20th Century?

                    Margaret Thatcher

                    4. Which river runs through Rome?


                    5. Of what is dishabiliophobia the fear?

                    Getting undressed in front of others

                    6. On what date do the French celebrate Bastille Day?

                    14th July

                    7. Which American composer wrote ‘Rhapsody in Blue’?

                    George Gershwin

                    8. The lotus is the national flower of which country?


                    9. Who directed the 1927 silent science-fiction film ‘Metropolis’?

                    Fritz Lang

                    10. From what is someone suffering if they have ‘hirsutism’?

                    Excess hair growth

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                      1. Which male name is sometimes used as a nickname for the autopilot of an aeroplane?


                      2. What is the capital city of Latvia?


                      3. What is 2013 in Roman Numerals?


                      4. In Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gullivers Travels’, what is a ‘Houyhnhnm’?

                      A race of intelligent horses

                      5. Which is the only vowel in the middle row of a computer keyboard?


                      6. For which American company, famous for publishing comic books, is Stan Lee a former Editor-In-Chief?

                      Marvel Comics (Marvel Worldwide, inc.)

                      7. In boxing, to what number does the referee count to signify a knockout?


                      8. Which country did King Zog rule?


                      9. Rotelle pasta is what shape?

                      Wagon wheel

                      10. In which year did Alexander Graham Bell make the first telephone call?


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                        1. The Malbec grape principally makes which colour of wine?


                        2. ‘Volkswagen’ literally translates as what in English?

                        People’s Car

                        3. In boating terms, which is word is used for the left side of the boat when facing the bow?


                        4. What do the two ‘M’s stand for in the sweet brand M&M’s?

                        Mars & Murrie’s

                        5. Using the NATO phonetic alphabet, spell ‘quiz’.

                        Quebec, Uniform, India, Zulu

                        6. Which word can come before ‘dew’, ‘bike’ and ‘lion’ to make three new phrases?


                        7. England famously beat Germany 4-2 in the 1966 world cup final, but which two players were responsible for the four England goals?

                        Geoff Hurst (3) and Martin Peters (1)

                        8. What is the last book of the Old Testament?


                        9. Who is the only Wimbledon Singles Champion to hail from Croatia?

                        Goran Ivanišević

                        10. True or false: the femur is the longest bone in the human body?

                        True (It is the thigh bone, extending from the hip to the knee)

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                          1. Lady Penelope was a famous Thunderbirds character, but what was her double-barrelled surname?


                          2. The Battle of the Bulge took place in which war?

                          World War II

                          3. Carson City is the capital of which US state?


                          4. The malleus, the incus and the stapes are more commonly known by which terms?

                          Hammer, anvil and stirrup (bones in the human ear)

                          5. What was the name of the youngest ‘Von Trapp’ child in the Sound of Music?


                          6. In badminton, what is the lowest number of points with which a player can win the game?


                          7. Joseph Alessi is a famous player of which instrument?


                          8. What was the name of the first Agatha Christie novel to be published?

                          The Mysterious Affair at Styles

                          9. After how many years would you celebrate your ‘lace’ wedding anniversary?


                          10. The BBC Proms were founded in which year?


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                            1. In Hanna-Barbera’s ‘Wacky Races’, what was the name of Dick Dastardly’s car?

                            The Mean Machine

                            2. How many feet are there in a furlong?


                            3. Which was the first ‘Carry On’ film, released in 1958?

                            Carry On Sergeant

                            4. What is the name for the small dot over a lowercase ‘i’ or ‘j’?


                            5. What sign of the zodiac would you be if you were born on Valentine’s Day?


                            6. How many players are there on a cricket team?


                            7. Americans have a ‘ZIP’ code instead of a ‘post code’ – but what does ZIP stand for?

                            Zone Improvement Plan

                            8. The painter known as Rembrandt was born in which country?


                            9. What does the ‘T.S.’ stand for in T.S. Eliot?

                            Thomas Stearns

                            10. In which country would you find Kodiak Island?


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                              1. Who was the youngest of the Marx brothers?


                              2. James Galway is famous for playing which musical instrument?


                              3. What does a barometer measure?

                              Atmospheric pressure

                              4.  What happened to Ruth Ellis in 1955, for which she would go down in history?

                              She was the last woman to be executed in the United Kingdom

                              5. Which football team are known at the ‘Sky Blues’?

                              Coventry City

                              6. After how many years would you celebrate a pearl wedding anniversary?


                              7. Who wrote the original ‘Twilight’ books which have since been adapted into a famous film series?

                              Stephenie Meyer

                              8. Which team won the FA Cup Final in the year 2000?


                              9. ‘Rocky mountain oysters’ are a foodstuff, but they are not oysters. What are they?

                              Testicles (usually bull calf)

                              10. Name the four stations on a Monopoly board.

                              Kings Cross, Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street and Marylebone

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                                1. When is ‘All Souls’ Day’ celebrated?

                                November 2nd (or November 3rd if 2nd falls on a Sunday)

                                2. ‘Hallowmas’ is another name for which festival?

                                All Saint’s Day (November 1st)

                                3. Which legendary coaching house in Cornwall is said to be haunted and inspired a novel by Daphne du Maurier?

                                Jamaica Inn

                                4. ‘Ponder Stibbons’ is the name of a wizard in books by which author?

                                Terry Pratchett

                                5. Charles Dickens wrote a short story about a haunted railway junctions – what was it called?

                                The Signal-Man

                                6. Name the parents from the Addams Family.

                                Morticia and Gomez

                                7. In which district of London did Jack the Ripper’s attacks take place?


                                8. Who played the witch Samantha in the original TV series of ‘Bewitched’?

                                Elizabeth Montgomery

                                9. ‘Guising’ is another name for which practice?


                                10. What was Doctor Frankenstein’s first name?


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                                  1. In which city would you find the Petronas Towers?

                                  Kuala Lumpur

                                  2. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

                                  Omega (Ω)

                                  3. Who was the original host of ‘Family Fortunes’?

                                  Bob Monkhouse

                                  4. Who is the oldest – Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith or Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries)?

                                  Dame Edna/Barry Humphries (Born 17/02/1934, Dame Judi was born 09/12/34 and Dame Maggie was born 28/12/1934… not a lot in it!)

                                  5. What colour is a New York City taxi?


                                  6. Andy Murray famously became the first male UK Wimbledon singles champion in 77 years, but who was the last male UK winner, winning three consecutive championships from 1934 to 1936?

                                  Fred Perry

                                  7. Who was the Greek God of the Underworld?


                                  8. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever…” – who wrote these words?

                                  John Keats

                                  9. The ‘Battle of Pork Chop Hill’ was fought during which war?

                                  The Korean war

                                  10. In which year were the first Academy Awards (Oscars) held?


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                                    1. What nationality is the tennis player Pat Rafter?


                                    2. In astrology, which 3 signs of the zodiac are known as ‘air signs’?

                                    Aquarius, Libra and Gemini

                                    3. What ‘f’ is another term for tightrope-walking?


                                    4. Who wrote ‘Pinocchio’?

                                    Carlo Collodi

                                    5. Les Paul (real name Lester William Polsfuss) was known for playing which musical instrument?


                                    6. Who invented the ‘clockwork radio’?

                                    Trevor Baylis

                                    7. What does ‘EOR’ stand for in knitting terminology?

                                    End of row

                                    8. Which rock band had hits with ‘Highway to Hell’, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘Back In Black’?


                                    9. Which television series is set in Summer Bay?

                                    Home and Away

                                    10. What are the first 6 words spoken in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’?

                                    “When shall we three meet again…”

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                                      1. Which British war medal is the highest value military decoration, described by the Ministry of Defence as ‘The premier award for gallantry’?

                                      The Victoria Cross

                                      2. What is the more commonly used name for rubella?

                                      German Measles

                                      3. In which 1989 film did Robin Williams play English teacher John Keating?

                                      Dead Poets Society

                                      4. Which is the longest book of the Bible?

                                      Psalms (which wins on word count plus number of chapters and verses too)

                                      5. Which sign of the Zodiac would you be if you were born on 10th March?


                                      6. Which day in the Christian calendar is exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday?

                                      Shrove Tuesday

                                      7. What was the name of Popeye’s nemesis?

                                      Bluto (also later named Brutus, so accept both)

                                      8. How many different countries border Argentina?

                                      5 – Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile

                                      9.  If you saw the word ‘animato’ on a musical score, in what manner should it played?

                                      Animated or lively

                                      10. Who is the singer Eliza Doolittle’s famous mother, who represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994?

                                      Frances Ruffelle

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                                        1. What is the capital city of Pakistan?


                                        2. In which Shakespeare play would you find the characters Oberon, Titania and Lysander?

                                        A Midsummer Night’s Dream

                                        3. What is the currency of the United Arab Emirates?


                                        4. Which type of tea was named after a British Prime Minister?

                                        Earl Grey

                                        5. What is ‘irenology’ the study of?


                                        6. Statler and Waldorf were the two ageing hecklers in the Muppets – but what were the characters named after?

                                        New York City hotels ( The Statler Hilton and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel)

                                        7. Who is the patron saint of travellers?

                                        Saint Christopher

                                        8. What type of food are ‘Berwick Cockles’?


                                        9. Which was the first shoe brand to have its name entered into the Oxford dictionary?

                                        Dr. Martens

                                        10. Which singer, born in Tennessee in 1942, is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Soul’?

                                        Aretha Franklin

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