How much do the quizzes cost?

All of the quizzes are free to download – but if you feel that they are worth it I would always welcome donations via the link at the top of each page!

How often is a new quiz published?

Currently I am able to update quizzes at the rate of 1 quiz ( 7 rounds) per fortnight – I am hoping to be able to increase this to one quiz per week in the near future. 

 Can you write quizzes for me?

I am currently unable to offer individually written pub quiz questions – sorry about that!

Can I make a request for a future round?

Of course! Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, just underneath the title picture, and I shall be happy to add your request to the list.

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page?

Yes – the links are halfway down the left-hand-side, but our Twitter address is @readypubquiz and our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/ReadyMadePubQuiz.

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