How much do the quizzes cost?

All of the quizzes are free to download and use – but if you feel that they are worth it I would always welcome donations via the link at the top of each page!

How often is a new quiz published?

Free quizzes are published once a fortnight. If you subscribe by email you should receive a new quiz every other Tuesday.

How do I print out the quiz?

At the bottom of each quiz there are a few icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc). One of these is a green box with a picture of a printer on it. Click this to access your ‘Print Friendly’ page. You can also use this to email the quiz or create a PDF of it.

Why are the questions right underneath the answers? This means I can’t take part!

All of the quizzes on the site are designed to be read by a Quiz Master, in the traditional ‘pub quiz’ style. If you are looking for an interactive quiz there are plenty of other sites out there – this one is probably not for you!

 Can you write quizzes for me?

Due to other commitments I am currently unable to offer individually written pub quiz questions.

Can I make a request for a future round?

Of course! Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, just underneath the title picture, and I shall be happy to add your request to the list.

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page?

Yes – the links are halfway down the left-hand-side, but our Twitter address is @readypubquiz and our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/ReadyMadePubQuiz.

10 thoughts on “FAQs

    1. Hi Simon,
      You can use the quizzes however you like, but I recommend clicking the green ‘print friendly’ button underneath each quiz round. This gives you the facility to print out the quiz. You could also save it to your computer as a PDF file or to email it to yourself (or someone else!) using this. You may also want to look at the ‘Useful Resources’ section on the top bar – this gives you some suggestions about running a quiz.
      If you need any more help, please drop me an email using the contact form. Good luck with the quizzes. 🙂

  1. Hello Charlie, I use some of your questions for my weekly quiz night they are brilliant and up to date on current affairs. Is there some way you could stop the drop down reminder, that pops up each time I change the page on your web-site? it gets a bit annoying after a while.
    Thank you
    Linda N

    1. Hi Linda – I’ve just tested the pop-up and for some reason it is coming up more than once per visit – sorry about that! I have disabled it for now, so hopefully you can browse the site without interference 🙂

    1. Hi Karen – You can print and use, or read out the quizzes as you please. All I ask is that they are not republished elsewhere.
      Thanks for checking 🙂

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